CLUTCH Vol.3: One night, six months in the making

One week before Excavations, and things are definitely getting a little bit busier here at KAPISANAN. You can feel the excitement/anxiety/adrenaline rush (which ever you prefer) in the air! Clutch participants Lyndel and Michaela have gone through 6 months of intensive multi-disciplinary art camp, getting inspired and learning from the best of the best that Filipino artists in Toronto have to offer.

Before the big reveal, here are some snapshots from Lyndel and Michaela's journey. Enjoy!

EXCAVATIONS (Ang Arkeolohiya): A CLUTCH EXHIBIT is opening on Saturday, March 19th at 7PM.

Clutch participants Lyndel and Michaela, with Clutch Coordinator Casey Mecija with Clutch Coordinator Casey Mecija

Lyndel and Michaela in an encaustic collage workshop with Leah Gold Encaustic Collage Workshop with Leah Gold

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Michaela with puppet "Pat-Pat", filming with video producer Vince GalvezWorking with puppet "Pat-Pat" and Video Producer, Vincent Galvez

Screenprinting workshop with Jeff GarciaScreenprinting with Jeff Garcia

Dancing with Maylee ToddGetting inspired through dance, with Maylee Todd

Lyndel and Michaela at a screenprinting workshop by Kristina GuisonBlock printing with Kristina Guison

Shoutouts to other CLUTCH Vol.3 mentors and teachers, who also provided their support to the CLUTCH girls, inspiring their journey towards understanding their own artistic processes and pedagogies. These multi-disciplinary artists are: Stephanie Comilang, Richard Fung, Jo SiMalaya, Mithi Esguerra, Marissa Largo, Jennifer Mecija, Reynard Li, and Jenny Kuri.

See you on March 19th! Be Inspired!