KARP: Bedroomlab inside The Living Room

a group of people sit and watch something being projected on the wall

Staying in The Living Room includes having access to a lot of exciting perks. Last week, an event was held that featured a few local and foreign artists in the current scene, not just in Manila, but also abroad. It was organized by Tengal Drilon, a curator, researcher and artist based in Manila and all over the world. The night was a refreshing get-together of young artists and students from different backgrounds.

One of the most inspiring artists was Mark Salvatus. Coming from an advertising and fine arts background, he infused to two fields and came up with something really exciting. He puts it as, part-participatory, part-sight specific and part-live installation. I love how he's really focused on engaging the environment and the audience no matter which part of the world he is launching his works. The idea of of combining immersion in the community and art is so exciting and admirable.  His projects are always on-going, always ephemeral and always organic. There's something very down-to-earth, approachable, playful and fresh about his projects. It's not the type of art that aims to show off and intimidate.

Another artist who is also interested in engaging the audience is David Kousemaker. He was the current artist staying in The Living Room when we arrived. His projects, although just as interactive, has a more technological approach. He came up with these mind-blowing projects that are too complicated, intense and intricate to describe here. I'm not well-versed in technical terms anyway, so you have to look him up (or simply click on his name above) and watch his projects in motion.

Overall, the night was pleasant and stimulating. It feels great to be surrounded by people who are doing creative projects of all sorts. The art scene here is overwhelmingly vibrant. The Philippines might not be considered as one of the easiest places to be in as an artist/designer/whatever creative people call their selves these days, but it is crazy generous in giving inspiration and opportunities if you know where to look.