a mirror cut in the shape of a ribbon

Roughly five days before the 25th anniversary of EDSA, Ria texts us to see if we would take part and create some artwork on these People Power Revolution ribbon shaped wooden boards. For the uninitiated, EDSA stands for Epifanio de los Santos Avenue.  In a nutshell it was 25 years ago on February 25th, Cory Aquino was made president, marking the end of tyrannical reign of Ferdinand Marcos.

The concept I had for my piece was of reflection. I want people to take a critical look at what the People Power Revolution and what it has done for the individual looking at it, but also what it has done for the nation itself.

I have never worked with glass before. Finding a place that would cut this for me was a huge task itself, and I was stressed out until I finally saw the first piece of mirror cut. Zeny Glass & Mirror Supply, in Baesa is not that close to The Living Room. It was a gamble even just going there. But luckily, after an initial consultation and some compromises, we were in agreement and about an hour or so later, I had my piece and also learned how glass is cut and finished.

three men sanding down glass at a shop in manila

glass cutter sanding down the edges with a machine