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photo of a pull out quote in Now Magazine Feb 24-mar 2 issue I had to say something about the feature on Toronto all-ages shows (or lack there of) in the Feb 24-Mar 2 issue of NOW magazine, since our last partnered event with the Daps All-Ages Concert Series was central to the feature. As a youth-led and youth focused organization, we love supporting these events. Not only is the music home-grown and good, it's part of our mandate to support any artsy stuff for young people. Mind you, April Aliermo (one of driving forces of Daps All-Ages), a highly energetic, hyphenate artist around town, and former coordinator of our Clutch Program, is Filipino. It does come back to the Filipino connection.

a page out of the Feb 24 - Mar 2 issue of NOW MAgazine, with Kristen's photo marked with a heart

In the youth arts sector, the word "sustainability" flies around a lot. And I mean a lot. It's not just about the funding either. It's about creating the space for young people to move forward and continue to do things outside of the programming an organization provides.

shot of text in the Feb 24 - Mar 2 issue of NOW magazine

Supporting the all-ages scene is Kapisanan's contribution to sustaining the future of the Toronto arts scene, by carving a place for young people, Filipinos and non-Filipinos alike, to...Be Inspired!