Represent: A step towards empowering a whole nation

"Our common prosperity will be advanced by allowing all humanity -- men and women -- to reach their full potential." - U.S. President Barack Obama

httpv:// The Empowered Filipina: A Woman of Substance, a documentary film by Kamil Roxas.

Everyone deals with stereotypes, some more than others (sadly). But it's one thing to live one's life merely confirming or denying these stereotypes, and it's another thing to be part of the movement that changes perspectives. This is what the documentary The Empowered Filipina: A Woman of Substance is all about.

The documentary follows the success stories of Filipino women in the Gulf Area with different professional backgrounds. But all are working towards one goal: to share positivity and pride in their respective professions to uplift the morale of Filipinas everywhere.

httpv:// Part 1 of the documentary (See also, Parts 2 | 3)

Sure there are a few things mentioned in the film that I personally don't agree with, but those can be overlooked because the overarching message is what's really important. What I like about this documentary is that it acknowledges the realities that face Filipinas around the world. However, it doesn't stop there; the film concludes with a call to action to be proactive rather than reactive, and to start empowering ourselves as a people.

Almost a year later following the release of this film, we can safely say that there's still more work to be done. If we were to answer that call to action, to share our friends' success stories, then this is the perfect time to plug our CLUTCH Vol. 3 girls. Lyndel and Michaela have been working tirelessly to mount their exhibit on March 19th. The event will be a celebration of these young Filipino women artists, their work, and hopefully, the inspiration that they will bring to the community at large.

Make sure to be on the look-out for more details. (Thanks for the heads up Jonathan Lin!)