CLUTCH Vol3: It's been a great dig!

The CLUTCH girls hanging out with Casey their coordinator, in a bedroom with all their artwork laid out on the floor

It’s almost been 5 months since the CLUTCH program started. From all the people we've met and the workshops we've done, we've taken away some insight in art, our 'filipinoness' and life.  As I write this, I am watching and listening to Bontoc Eulogy – a very engaging and creative film that looks at the 1904 St. Louis World Fair and a man’s exploration of Filipino heritage. This  is one of the many 'artistic stimulants' we have come across as a result of the Kapisanan Centre and CLUTCH.

A still from Marlon Fuentes' film, Bontoc Eulogy - via the UGAT blog

More importantly, are the individuals who have given their time and shared with us their work, processes and thoughts. I am now so deeply attached to my artistic practice because of CLUTCH. The program has allowed me to find a new rhythm of creation. Something I read from an article describes this- as Lani Maestro said: "My work always reveals something of myself (selves) in the moment. Success or failure is irrelevant."

As Lyndl mentioned before, we got to go to Jeff Garcia's.  He is a kindred spirit and a perpetual source of inspiration, motivation and support. We are currently collaborating on our event poster.  This is all too much fun!!!

Jeff shows Michaela the proper way to pull

Being in CLUTCH has also led me to realize the need to let my ideas percolate, as well as the joy of sharing them with others. The program encourages an individual growth as much as a collective growth. Either way, you never stop doing super cool awesome artsy things!!!

Lyndl has been working extremely hard on her amazing block prints!

Our last workshop involved the Philippine 'Her story'- we looked at the notable women in our country's history. Mithi gave us an informational presentation on how our roles have changed and what may have caused them. This will really help feed our work for the next month. Our show will be themed EXCAVATIONS.

Don’t forget to CHECK OUT our findings on Saturday, March 19 at Kapisanan Centre, 167 Augusta!!!! Updates on our projects to come!