KARP: Zert Pie

bird's eye view of a tray of fast food at "Jollibee" It took us five whole days before I had my very first taste of the infamous Jollibee, and it was pretty delicious; crispy, juicy and flavorful chicken. Everything here, pretty much comes with rice. And I've found that the rice to ulam ratio is much higher than I'm used to. Another thing that I've come to notice is that at least here in Manila, they sure do love them some manok. From Max's, to Andok's, KFC, and also fried chicken options at McDonald's. One thing that I did love at JB's is the Zert Pie, mango flavor. It's basically this deep fried pie shell just how McDonald's used to be, but with a nicely sweet mango puree. Mmm.