KARP: The First 48

Entrance Hallway Arriving at Ninoy Aquino International Airport was surreal. Minutes after we landed and they opened the doors of the airplane you could feel that heat. Getting your checked in luggage is always a relief as you just never know if yours will be coming around that conveyor belt, and in what condition as well. The cab ride from the airport to The Living Room was so surreal. There are no rules on the road and literally five minutes after we arrived, we are whisked away to the CCP, and our first taste of  Living La Vida Imelda.

Happy Ending

Day 2 we found ourselves back at the CCP for Pasinaya, followed by Carlos Celdran's Intramuros tour, which always ends with a refreshing halo halo. I feel we've hit the jackpot, as February is National Arts Month here in Manila, and I am ready to see what's really good with the Manila art scene.