KARP: Just in time for Carlos Celdran's Imelda tour

We  went  to Carlos Celdran's "Livin la Vida Imelda" tour straight from the airport. Jetlagged, half-awake, dazed, nostalgic, overwhelmed and excited, we walked around the exteriors and interiors of The Cultural Centre of the Philippines complex. Carlos offered a very refreshing perspective on Imelda Marcos. The tour was entertaining, hilarious and dynamic. It captured the essence of the modern-day myth making in the Philippines through Imelda's life story based from numerous sources and chismiss. We do have a culture that seems to disregard cold hard facts and prefer these outrageous stories from equally outrageous sources. Maybe Filipinos prefer it because it's interactive and not just cold and distant like the pages from a book. In a way I think it's our way of contributing to the ever-exciting and organic storytelling culture that is shaping every aspect of our lives in this country. It is our current oral tradition whether we enjoy it or not. Nonlinear, illogical, exaggerated, alive and best of all: entertaining!