CLUTCH Vol. 3: Eating halo halo in January

Scrabble letter blocks, arranged to spell CLUTCH

I know it looks like we have gone on a bit of a Filipino food tangent lately, and we feel a little guilty for intruding on Jodee's territory, but we cant help it! Its such a fun and delicious way to reconnect with Filipino culture! Just before New Year's, gumawa kami ng ginataang kalabasa, sitaw at hipon! That means, we made coconut milk with string beans, squash and shrimp! Oh. My. God. Thanks Michaela for the tasty idea.  The Filipino hospitality doesn't stop there though.

A pot of stewed string beans, squash, and shrimp in coconut milk

CLUTCH MENTOR and local celebrity artist Jeff Garcia opened his heart and home to us for a weekend (his home, being the Halo-Halo studio) for our silk-screening workshop. Our studio initiation rite involved coning: dipping pine cones in water and arranging them on into wall scale designs on the wall. Subtle beauty. These are just one the many trade skills you learn in the Clutch program, only available through short term apprenticeship. I can now step out into the world with a brand new confidence in my coning, ready to offer this skill to any willing employer.

Our clutch girls, before a wall of cones aligned in rows and columns

After kindly cooking for us a Sinigang and noodles dinner, friends and strangers gathered around the table as Jeff orchestrated a collage jam in which we were encouraged to throw our shrimp shells into our art. But alas, bad luck follows me everywhere and Jeff's kitty clawed them off the table... along with my dignity. Luckily, Tito, Vic and Joey heals all wounds.

Everything Jeff touches turns to gold, I'm sure you've all heard it before. After a weekend at the Halo-Halo studio, Michaela and I were fortunate enough to leave with our own pieces. But you'll have to wait till the March 19th CLUTCH exhibit to see the results. I'm happy with my print but you can guarantee that I'll be coming back to make more. It was a lot funner and crazier that i could describe. We also learned that physical activity and fitness doesn't have to be absent from art making.

httpv:// "Arctic Circle" by Owen Pallett, music video directed by Stephanie Comilang

Ah, Casey (our CLUTCH Coordinator), knows some many talented people. Well I love music and I'm pretty sure our next workshop facilitator, Stephanie Comilang does too. She makes beautiful music videos for really nice musicians. Case in point: her brilliant music video direction for Final Fantasy/Owen Pallett's Arctic Circle. What I really loved about Stephanie's work is her skill with using minimal technology methods to manifest her creative ideas, like over head projectors and cut outs. And by the way, she told us about her current film project: a documentary about Elvis impersonators mainly from Asia. That sounds really cool, I can't wait.