CLUTCH Vol. 3: In The Heat Of The Scene

Casey and I combining our cooking over a simmering pot of delicious adobo

Wow, what a last couple of weeks it has been. Since the beginning,the  Clutch program has hooked us up with many rare opportunities as well as people within the Filipino-Canadian community; all working on different frontiers. Some of these inspiring people are non other than our dedicated allies fighting for fair treatment of women coming to Canada through the Live-In Caregiver Program. On November 27th we attended a womens' conference put on by the Philippine Women's Centre of Ontario called: Creating, Nurturing and Strengthening The Filipino Canadian womens' for Genuine Liberation and Empowerment. We met many cool people and engaged in conversations focused on the struggles and achievements of Filipina women across the country. Some topics discussed were transnationalism, revolutionary story-telling and collective trauma. We left feeling revitalized and inspired.

Hooded Fang's  CD release party brought an eclectic but harmonious mix of musical flavors  including many of our friends of KAPISANAN, to a fully packed venue. Doldrums' one-man show suprised many people with his soulful vocals and experimental sounds and Santa Guerilla engaged the crowd in a trance of movement with the sounds of kulintang ( horizontally laid gongs used in traditional Philippine music and other parts of Southeast Asia ). Santa Guerilla is a nine member musical group who use live poetry, vocals, kulintang, agong, kubing, tom Drums, malong dancing, and visual art to channel cultural empowerment through the fusion of ancient and contemporary sounds. Santa Guerilla consists of Alexander The of  Times Neue Roman and Myk Miranda from Musical Guerilla Offensive and other friends of KAPISANAN. The place was packed and there were  guest appearances made by aliens. It's an awesome feeling to witness the collaboration of local artists and musicians who have passed through the doors of KAPISANAN. During breaks between performances you could buy yourself a screenprint from Jeff Garcia! The event even got some praise from BlogTo!

Pre-adobo foolery

Casey, our new mommy- I mean Clutch co-ordinator, had us over for dinner the next night for thought-exchange and ADOBO, which we cooked. It tasted delicious!!I even had some for  BAON the next day. ( >_> )* evil cackle* Eating homemade Filipino food and listening to records  was a nice break from the workload. Check out Casey's band, Obhijou!