Filipino Food for the Holidays, My Way

Growing up, I could never appreciate the art of Filipino food. In fact, I never really found anything artistic about it at all. It was home cooking that, at least how I remembered it, was constantly piled on my plate, and shoveled down my mouth, or I wasn't allowed to leave the table until everything on the plate was finished. My fondness for other cuisines grew, but my taste for Filipino cooking stayed the same. Not very appetizing; to my eye, but always made me feel nurtured and loved. I always asked myself, "why couldn't Filipino food feed my soul and look good?"

The answer was simple. Because I never tried to make it look good. I wasn't the one cooking the stuff! My mom was! Or my dad. Comfort food is just that, meant to fill bellies and keep young kids growing. After all 'comfort food' is just a euphemism 'no presentation'.  Now I am ready to make Filipino cuisine sexy, appealing and 'plated'.

Just in time for the holidays too! This recipe for Turon is just one example of how a classic, Filipino comfort food can turn into something delicious and gorgeous, even to a Filipino! Traditional ingredients havent't changed, only the presentation! As they say, you eat with your eyes first, then you feed your belly, then your soul. Come. Eat art!