Big ups kamalayan@kapisanan!

a wall of posters for the Kamalayan Launch Event Sept 22, 2010 Here's a little highlight from local Filipino writer, Joe Rivera's blog post, Mainstream as the new social order. Mr. Joe is one of the few (I know he hates this title) "elders" in the Toronto Filipino community, along with acclaimed poet wife, Patria Rivera, who are consistent and present with their support and active engagement with the young people at KAPISANAN.

Most recently they both attended a Kamalayan session here at the K.

Here's a little big up he wrote as part of the above mentioned post:

"Interestingly different and much more intellectually refreshing was a small forum organized recently by our young people at the Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts and Culture. The forum, part of the Kamalayan Konsciousness Series, was about the role of the ilustrados in our history and their relevance today, especially to émigrés like us in Toronto. A consensus was arrived by the young group that we could be the “new propagandists,” like the Propaganda movement’s Rizal, del Pilar and Lopez Jaena during the Spanish colonial times, in spreading a better understanding of the present conditions in the Philippines to our kababayans in Toronto. There was no false pretence of kinship to the historical ilustrado because most, if not all of them, hail from working class families."