CLUTCH vol.3 workshop 1: Wax in wax out

scrape that wax CLUTCH volume 3 has officially blasted off! We jumped right into our creative realms with the help of super talented Leah Gold(encaustic painter and awesome illustrator) for our first workshop.

Our challenge?


compose that collagewax heated on hot plate

We have never had any experience in this medium before, but we sure were equally stoked with the idea of a process combining collage, painting, sculpture and the balance of chance and control.    We were asked to collect all sorts of things that represented what being Filipina meant to us.  Although with different perspectives, constants seemed to be the image of motherly figures and food(woo!).


The day started with brief introductions then onto the snip of scissors through paper. Following Leah's explanation of each techinique,  we sat/ stood surrounded by beautiful works, organized chaos and the seranade of the ever gentle hum of the exhaust fan. We  attempted to master  the swift brush strokes,  the heat gun (fusing) , the careful rubbing of transfers, and the efficient but weightless use of the scraper.

til next time!

After six hours and some empty stomaches later, we vacated the scene with  more tools to store in our imaginary belt and some almost finished pieces. As Lyndl said while she clapped in ecstasy, " Everything's so fun!" We are definitely on the same page.

Enter  to Leah's here and stay tuned to see what else CLUTCH volume 3 is up to!