PSL Week 3: building community (feat. Tomy Bewick)

Poetry as our Second Language

PSL Week 3: Building Bridges and Fostering Community Facilitated by Len Cervantes Featuring special guest, Tomy Bewick

When Len Cervantes first began attending Dwayne Morgan's Roots Lounge (the monthly series that starts up at Kapisanan again this Sunday), he didn't know anyone. This was around 2005 when he was only starting to spread his wings outside of the Filipino community, shuffling from one open mic to another around the city. Tomy Bewick was one of the first poets that caught Len's eye during those days. Even then, he knew this guy would go further--and he was right.

Tomy has gone from a regular at open mics and slams, to finalist, champion, playwright, organizer and community advocate.

"Not only is he a perennial contender, he's a leader and he uses poetry to build bridges and foster community. He's taken it to a level that I really admire and when I think of using poetry for our community, Tomy is one of my pegs." - Len Cervantes


That's what this week's PSL will be about--using poetry to build community. Participants can talk to Tomy about what he's done with the Burlington Slam Project, the Slam Family, his work with The Dream Chasers and other stuff he's up to.

Building community with poetry isn't new for Filipinos either; poetry has been a big part of galvanizing the public during times of occupation or revolt. From Francisco Balagtas and the Balagtasan, to the Guerilla Poetry of Emmanuel Lacaba... this session will demonstrate that poetry truly has the power to move people.

About this week's special guest:

Passionate with purpose: Tomy Bewick is an honourary member of Up From The Roots, 1/3 of the Dream Chasers, founder of Open Minds Respect Events and Burlington Slam Project, a founding member of the Toronto Poetry Project and the T-Dot Slam Fam. Tomy has competed and featured across Canada and the U.S. and is still ready to grow.

POETRY IS OUR SECOND LANGUAGE Week 3 Thursday, September 23, 2010 6 p.m.

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