intern@Kapisanan: Anato-Me

Being at Kapisanan, I have been exposed to so many forms of media, and one of them is visual art. With the newest addition of the Kariton Collective, I have broaden my horizons when pen and paper is at hand. Last Saturday, I was stoked for my second consecutive Drawing Circle workshop focusing on Anatomy or the Human figure. In the beginning of the workshop, we discussed on how the drawing of the human figure evolved as well as the techniques to assist novice artists.

Daks sharing techniques

The facilitators, Randy and Dakila, both taught us on how to breakdown the figure into manageable parts, such as shapes, to better produce what we are looking at.

Very focused drawing the model

The second part of the workshop was what I looked forward to when we start to draw. A model then walked in, took off her clothes, and to be honest, I haven't done anything like this before--quite breathtaking.  The atmosphere was serene and with the beautiful model in front of me, I felt like an artist in my own right.

Althea (left) critques other's work

After sets of one-, five- and 10-minute poses, I looked at my work and asked for some of the facilitator's two cents, as they were all knowledgeable and easy to approach. Every workshop is unique, not only in content, but the mood we're all immersed in.

I now look forward to Saturdays, being able to draw and being part of Kariton's ride.