Kapisanan's Upcoming Programs

Make sure to mark your calendars, as Kapisanan starts another batch of workshops and programs this August and September. Check out snippets of each program below, and don't forget to email jodee@kapisanancentre.com to pre-register!

The Kariton Collective is made up of emerging multidisciplinary Kapisanan artists: Kristina Guison, Charisse Marquez, Randy Cruz, Daks Tomas, and Althea Balmes. The Collective will facilitate a series of hands-on arts workshops (including anatomical drawing and gesture drawing) at Kapisanan, to allow learners to explore different mediums and techniques in visual arts. This program is open to everyone 18 years old and over.

Every Saturday @ 3:00pm starting August 21st, 2010 *FREE for V.I.P. Club Members of Kapisanan and $10 Drop-In for Non-Members

To pre-register email: jodee@kapisanancentre.com subject: Kariton Art Program


2. KAPISANAN Presents Clutch Vol. 3!

Clutch is a FREE 6-month arts-based program for young Filipina artists (females aged 17-24 years old).

It is an open-learning program that encourages the exploration of Filipino identity, culture, and history, intertwined with hands-on, technical and conceptual training in multidisciplinary arts (media arts, visual arts, performance arts) as the foundation for empowerment.

Participants will be able to start a dialogue with each other, get mentorship from professional artists within the community, have access to professional tools to hone their creativity, define their identity, explore their community, and tell their stories on their terms. Clutch participants will present their works to the public in a final exhibition at the end of the five months. This program is funded by the Arts Education Program of Ontario Arts Council.

The deadline for applications is August 13, 2010 @ 8:00PM. *FREE for V.I.P. Club Members of Kapisanan $500 for Non-Members

For detailed info & application forms email: jodee@kapisanancentre.com subject line: CLUTCH


Kapisanan Philippine Centre is offering Tagalog classes that use the direct method of learning a language. The students focus on CONVERSATIONAL skills in Tagalog. Classroom techniques include role-plays, games, songs, pair work, and writing exercises.

At the end of the 10-week program, students should be able to use Filipino in greetings and situations such as telling time as well as asking and giving directions. Our aim is to equip students who complete each level with Filipino language that describes people, objects, places, narrates an event or simple story; expresses feelings, as well as agreement or disagreement.

Curriculum is developed and will be taught by Christine Balmes.

Every Monday @ 7:00pm starting September 20th, 2010 - November 22nd, 2010 $200 for V.I.P. Club Members of Kapisanan and $275 for Non-Members

Class fee must be paid in full to register. We accept payment thru PayPal or by cheque by August 24th, 2010 to reserve your spot. email: jodee@kapisanancentre.com subject: Filipino Language Class


Facilitated by Len Cervantes

PSL is a four-week poetry unit that will reveal that Poetry has been a part of who we are as Filipinos since the beginning of time until today, and is very much a part of our Filipino fabric. The workshop series will first introduce the traditional forms of Filipino poetry, including the Balagtasan and Filipino epic poetry. Upon having this background, the program will then move on to explore effective poetry writing and spoken word performance techniques. Finally, participants will be introduced to the Spoken Word/Poetry Scene in Toronto, as the workshop culminates with a final Slam performance. This program is funded by the Arts Education Program of Ontario Arts Council.

Every Thursday @ 6:00pm starting September 9th, 2010 - September 30th, 2010 *FREE for V.I.P. Club Members of Kapisanan $10 Drop-In for Non-Members

To pre-register email: jodee@kapisanancentre.com subject: PSL


Facilitated by Alex Felipe

Let’s talk about Filipino history, shall we? Let’s explore Filipino food, Filipino fashion, Filipino music, Filipino pop culture, Filipino art, Filipino film & where it all came from! This is not your boring old history class where you memorize dates & names. It's not a whitewashed version where Europeans came and brought 'civilization' to the 'savages'. It's not about how the Americans saved us from the Spanish and the Japanese. It is NOT a version of history to be embarrassed of. It's our actual history that we can be PROUD of.

Every other Wednesday @ 6:00pm starting September 15th, 2010 - December 8th, 2010 *FREE for V.I.P. Club Members of Kapisanan $10 Drop-In for Non-Members

To pre-register email: jodee@kapisanancentre.com subject: Critical Fillipino History


Goal Setting for Artists & Creative People Initiate. Success Sequence. By Carmen Leilani De Jesus

Artist as Entrepreneur Because it's not about selling out, it's about making a living. By Christopher Davies

Managing Your Finances Learn how to handle that ca-a-a$h! By Rhowena Adolfo

Creative Marketing & Building Your Brand Who's your target? By Theresa Laurico

Creating Your Visual Branding Graphic design & photo editing basics By Christine Mangosing CMANGODesign www.christinemangosing.com

The Art of the Pitch Manifesting your idea on someone else's dime By Romeo Candido

Pitching/Presenting Your Creative Business Idea To a panel of industry professionals, so they can ask you the right questions, and give you real feedback. Pre-requisite: Learners taking this workshop must have registered for at least 3 other workshops in this series.

Dates and registration info TBA To pre-register email: jodee@kapisanancentre.com subject: Business for the Arts


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