intern@kapisanan: fangirl moments leading up to KULTURA 2010

One of the perks of working at Kapisanan (besides being the best job EVER) is getting to meet and interact with the latest and greatest in Filipino talent in the Greater Toronto Area. The community is so rich with multi-faceted, brilliant artists, that you see them walk by you ALL. THE. TIME. To be honest, there’s so much talent going on at the K, that its hard NOT to go fangirl crazy over these artists. Not in a "OMG can you sign my boobs!!?!" kind of way, but more of a "I am so inspired by your talent, I am so honoured to meet you" kind of way.

Case in point: when artist/playwritght/theatre superstar Catherine Hernandez drops by the centre. (Note: to refresh your memory, she directed Len Cervantes' 90's musical mixtape Shotgun Wedding not-so-long-ago)

Catherine Hernandez has the following accomplishments under her belt: - She’s been nominated for a Dora Award for writing her first play, Singkil - Artistic Director of the Sulong Theatre Company - Is working or has worked in some capacity with  Carlos Bulosan Theatre, Native Earth Performing Arts, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Aluna Theatre and numerous others

With achievements like that, I forget sometimes that artists here at the K are just regular people with an impressive resume so far.

Catherine Hernandez always brings something interesting to the table, so we can all expect the best in her reading of Dominga's Departure at this year’s KULTURA Filipino Arts Festival on SATURDAY, JULY 24TH.

And remember, Kapisanan's basement gallery will also feature these theatre readings:

Sister Mary's A Dyke?! by Flerida Pena Hangman by Jason Maghanoy In the Shadow of Elephants by the Carlos Bulosan Theatre Collective (Leon Aureus, Rose Cortez, Nicco Garcia, Christine Mangosing, and Nadine Villasin)

This is Kat Estacio, Marketing & Communications Intern, signing off.


Countdown to Kultura: 2 DAYS TO GO!

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