KULTURA 2010 Artist Spotlight: Alex Felipe and Vincent Galvez


“Balikbayan” a composite word comprising ‘balik’ meaning ‘to return’ and ‘bayan’ meaning ‘country,’ ‘community,’ or ‘village.’ Balikbayans are individuals who live outside the Philippines and return to visit the homeland.

No moolah for a summer vacation to the Philippines this year? No problem!

Let Alex Felipe, an internationally recognized photographer, and Vincent Galvez, a multiple platform content creator/film-maker, be your expert tour guides, as they unveil the result of their four-month journey back to the Philippines at KULTURA this SATURDAY, JULY 24TH.

Their work - Project Balikbayan - will be your ticket to check out the sights and sounds of the Philippines. It also explores the proud history and rich cultural legacy that all Filipinos share. As a result, the trip is not merely a visit to the motherland, but a trip towards knowledge of shared heritage. When you see their multi-media installation, its like you've been to the Philippines yourself!

Project Balikbayan will premiere at the Fifth Annual KULTURA Filipino Arts Festival on Saturday, July 24th! For more info, visit: http://projectbalikbayan.wordpress.com/

Also, make sure to check out other exhibiting artists that focus on this year's curated theme Kuwentong Hinirang: Chosen Narrative - Christine Mangosing & Robert Bolton, Fred Galang, Jeff Garcia, Raphael Capalad, Randy Cruz, Kristina Guison, and Krystel Pasignasigna.

Countdown to Kultura: 5 DAYS TO GO!

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