CLUTCH Vol. 3 @Kapisanan!

The K is proud to present Vol. 3 of the CLUTCH Program!

CLUTCH is a free six-month arts-based program for young Filipina women to start a dialogue with each other, get mentorship from professional artists within the community, have access to professional tools to hone their creativity, define their identity, explore their cultural heritage, and tell their stories on their terms. CLUTCH aims to provide hands-on artistic and leadership development, through the exploration of cultural identity as the foundation for empowerment.

Are you a young lady between the ages of 17-24 of Filipino descent? CLUTCH might be for you! We're looking for the next batch of young Filipinas whose aim is no lower than WORLD DOMINATION. The deadline for applications is August 6, 2010 @ 8:00PM. Think you have what it takes? For detailed info & application forms...

email: subject line: CLUTCH

"Being in this year's CLUTCH program was absolutely essential to my growth as an artist as well as a person. For years I had called myself 'white-washed' and except for the food that my family served at parties, I did not know anything about my culture. *** Photographer: Tanja Tiziani: Portrait series for Buddies in Bad Times Theatre's 2010 Season program (Sublime Outcast).

CLUTCH not only gave me knowledge about my background but the support necessary to explore it fully. This allowed me to embrace my Filipino identity and in doing so gave me a whole new perspective on the world. I am so grateful I was a part of this program."

- Flerida Peña on Clutch Vol. 2

Flerida Pena (pictured above, in front "RAWRING!") is quickly establishing herself as an artistic force to be reckoned with. After completing CLUTCH Vol. 2 & mounting their collective art exhibit ALUNSINA, Flerida wrote her first play entitled "Time & Station" under the Carlos Bulosan Theatre Play Creation Unit (which was showcased at this year's FLIPSIDE FESTIVAL). In addition, she not only wrote but performed her LOL-inducing, balls-out, one-woman show "Sister Mary's a Dyke?!" as part of Buddies in Bad Times Young Creators Unit 2010 @ The 2010 Rhubarb Festival. Not bad... considering 2010 is only halfway from being done! "Oh you GO, girl!"

Look forward to catching Ms. Pena in action at this year's KULTURA Festival, July 24th, 2010!