Staff@Kapisanan: The New K Money-Man

I'm the new Financial Coordinator at KAPISANAN.  I do important stuff like write cheques out to pay expenses, make fancy reports with financial software,  count up the nickels and dimes and dollar bills for bank deposits.

I work a lot with numbers, which has always been comforting to me.  Numbers don't lie to you; they are what they are.  And I'm good at working with them too.  In my university days, integral and multi-variable calculus classes were the water-wings that kept me afloat in an otherwise humbling course-load.  It just makes sense that this is what I'm doing now at the centre.

As with the other staff, I am also a local artist.  I am foremost an actor, having just graduated from the MFA Acting Conservatory at York University last year.  Recent gigs telling Filipino stories include readings of both Romeo Candido's Prison Dancer and Regina Simon's Harana, and  the  filming of Rose City with the Canadian Film Centre.  And I am also an acting instructor, having taught first year acting at York U and with The Canadian Stage Company.  And when I'm not doing all of that, I am writing my most recent play, a modern Cain and Abel story entitled Twenty-One, with the help of fu-GEN and the Ontario Art Council.

So, I'm here at KAPISANAN a couple of times a week, nestled between the printer and those tall black filing cabinets.  If I look confused I probably am.  I'm still trying to figure my way around the office.  One day I will work up the courage to answer the phone.  But don't let all that stop you from saying hello.

Even the new KAPISANAN money-man likes guests.

Adriano Sobretodo Jr. - KAPISANAN Financial Coordinator