Wow! Philippines? no. 5 | Retracing the steps of Teodulo Protomartir


I'm pretty good with general Philippine knowledge.  Even before I went, I think I knew quite a bit for someone who virtually knew nothing.  But it wasn't until I took Carlos Celdran's tour that I finally learned that the United States bombed the shit out of Manila during World War II.  I wonder why that is?

My Father's a pretty educated dude and my Lolo was in the military.  Somebody had to know this.  Usually, when I heard about the United States relationship to The Philippines the language circled around the vicinity of "they saved us."  (Except, my Dad.  Pops would never say that.)

Could it be that the folks who run the United States are so good at skewing history and conditioning minds that they can turn a bombing where over 100, 000 civilians were killed into an act of heroism?

A year after learning this, I'm still getting over it.  I don't think I ever will.  Which is good.  Which is why you should also know this and know more.  I mean, just wait until you hear what the pretenses for the bombing were.  Why was The Philippines bombed?  Weren't the Americans fighting the Japanese?

If this is all news to me, and I had to make an effort to find it, I wonder if those kids in the subway laughing at their buddy imitating Ne-yo even ever thought about it.

Or maybe I'm wrong about what I used to hear.  Maybe it wasn't the States skewing history.  Maybe it's Filipinos trying to forget.

As you'll see from this short clip, retracing these photographs, there is so much more to learn.


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The video clip at the top is a companion piece to GMA's feature found here.  If you or someone you know are going to be in the Manila area anytime in the future please feel free to contact me or Carlos Celdran at his Website so you can book a time slot to take any one of his many tours.  It's a must do.  Then after that, get back at me, so we can set you up to volunteer.  Then . . . then . . . then . . . all the possibilities and we're here playing video games.

If Manila is a little out of the way at the moment, Kapisanan brought Carlos to Toronto in 2009 to re-create his Intramuros tour (see video here).  Kapisanan is aiming to bring him back again this October as part of the Kasaysayan Exchange.

If you are in Manila right now Carlos will be presenting the juxtaposed photos at Silverlens Gallery on July 1, 2010 at 6pm.  GO!