Cinema-Fil: Asian Horror Night featuring Pa Siyam

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Cinema-Fil round 2: Asian Horror Night, featuring Pa Siyam Screening on June 23rd 2010, Wednesday at 7pm

Starring: Roderick Paulate, Cherry Pie Picache and Aubrey Miles Directed by: Erik Matti

Are you afraid of the dark? Do you believe in ghosts?

“Pa Siyam” is roughly translated as Nine Days, and refers to the Catholic ritual of saying prayers and novenas for nine days following a deceased person’s burial.

The film might have been shot with a low budget, but the result is nothing short of hair-raising awesomeness. Some say that the film is comparable to its well-known Asian counterparts Ringu (The Ring) and Ju-On (The Grudge). Pa Siyam downplays the special effects and focuses more on local Filipino superstition. Get ready for some serious kilabots (that’s goose bumps in Tagalog), as Pa Siyam will surely build up the tension and atmosphere to deliver effective and genuinely scary scenes. Starring Roderick Paulate, Cherry Pie Picache and Aubrey Miles. Directed by Erik Matti.

Check out Pa Siyam on IMDB for more info:


Popcorn and refreshments served in plastic bags with straws (Filipino style!) will be available at the Sari-Sari bar.

Tickets are a mere $5 donation to Kapisanan's amazing Arts & Cultural Programming!

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