Intern@Kapisanan: Having a Resourceful Staff is Like Running an Army

...K Interns Are Well Oiled Machines!

Sun Tzu stated that an army's strength lies not in it's numbers, but in it's resources. How true! For the last week, I've been tied up with my other job. I work with events for the city, and we just recently closed out one huge one. But for some reason, due to change ups, lack of staff, and new assigned duties, I've been busy and swamped and almost chained to my other job. It was hard coming in to the K, and I found myself having to change my schedule to reflect less hours and later start times.

Guilt sat on my shoulder all week as I knew we were really busy with deadlines and events at the K. One of the main strengths that our intern team and staff hold, I realized and was reminded of later, was their resourcefulness. Just like at my other job, duties were reassigned and progress continued, and all I had to do was play catchup and fill in the holes where needed. Now that's a team!

Not only were duties reassigned and delegated, but if there's one great strength with working with young professionals, it's their ability to keep the lines of communication open, through any means necessary. I found myself conferencing with my partners in crime through black berry messenger, Twitter, and Facebook! At one point, I was working both jobs at the same time, running my work crew plus getting the low down on the turn of events for Shotgun Wedding. Now that's resourcefulness!

It's another busy week ahead for the K, and an even busier month with Shotgun Wedding around the corner, a few more business workshops, and then next thing you know it's Kultura! Time for me to dust off my personal event planning bible (The Art of War by Tsun Tzu) and sharpen my ninja skills. It's going to be a busy summer!

Office Ninja, Events Planning Intern