Represent: Philippine Independence Day Sale!

June 12th is Philippine Independence Day. But before you all start waving your Filipino flags, come & drop by KAPISANAN! The K wants you to celebrate Philippine Independence with new swag & what better way to show off your pride than by rocking Philippine-made products?

From June 11th to June 13th - all Team Manila shirts & accessories are 25% off AND with every purchase, you'll get an additional 25% off Pretty Freedom vintage merchandise!

*Pretty Freedom is part of KAPISANAN's Pop Up Shop Program, which offers young entrepreneurs (18-34 years old) and artists our 300 sq ft store-front gallery for a limited sub-lease option as an opportunity to "test drive" their concepts, products, or services, or to simply exhibit their artwork or sell their wares in the uber-artsy district of Kensington Market. These limited sub-leases can go for as short as a day, a weekend, and up to six months.

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