Represent: Theresa Laurico, ‘glocal’ entrepreneur

WARNING: This lady will rock your world (in the best way possible). Ready?

Theresa Laurico

She's passionate. She's determined. She's resourceful. Fuse all of this with a knack for self-marketing and entrepreneurship? You've got one savvy Filipino-Canadian entrepreneur.

Theresa Laurico knows exactly what it takes to be successful without so much as stumbling into the confines of a starving artist. She attributes her successes to certain factors: knowing her core values, developing her personal brand, and mastering the power of networking.

As a broadcast major from Ryerson University's School of Journalism and former president of the Course Union, she worked her way up as an intern for BC CTV to radio and then a job as a segment producer for a local television series. This opened up opportunities at Much Music Creative Services as an associate producer, which lead to working on commercials for Chum Commercial productions, corporate productions, and eventually, national television series. By the age of 26, she directed and produced her first reality series—Much Music’s “Fake & Date”.

Coming from a lineage of leaders, she said her inspiration stems from her family and her grandparents, Attorney Cipriano Rey Hipolito & Dr. Pacita Rey Hipolito. They founded the Filipino Parents Association, established one of the first Filipino Dental offices in Toronto (Dr. Tuason & Associates) and her Lolo worked with Carlos P. Romelo who represented the Philippines in the United Nations.

"I feel a sense of pride knowing that my family has contributed to the Philippine presence here in Canada on a government and community level," Laurico explained.

"I really want Filipinos, girls particularly, to have someone to look up to."

Apparently, this entrepreneur calling runs through her veins. With several years of work experience already tucked into her handy tool kit of life, she is now the Executive Producer of e11even productions, a company that generates dynamic media to inspire youth--and she's only 30. Say what?!

That's right. She produces music videos, reality series, shows like Positive Living TV and Wedding SOS, ads, commercials and on-air promo material... and probably a ton of other fresh things cropping up on your television set, billboards and magazines that you never really took notice of. (Until now.)

But while harnessing media outlets across the country, the innovator craved for something more: to veer from "empty content" to positive media production. She is now making her mark internationally with Love In Action, an organization that pledges to put leadership initiatives and resources toward causes and charities in need of support.

She has done work abroad and collaborates with other organizations such as Planeterra that create sustainable projects for underprivileged communities. As a member of United Global Shift, Love In Action held a national contest with a grand prize of three 'voluntour' trips from Gap Adventures to Peru, and raised over $20,000 this year for Seva Canada to send an eye restoration camp to Tibet, which will restore the eyesight of hundreds of individuals.

"I'm big on making a space for young people to know that anything is possible," Laurico said. The devoted positive thinker is an advocate for neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), a tool she has used in her life (and in the lives of many others) to create a "mental shift" by focusing on acquiring the things you truly desire, rather than on those things you don't have.

While she’s won several honours including a leadership award from the former Lieutenant Governor, the Canadian Film Centre’s NBC Universal MPP, Banff World Television’s 360, and last month—Toronto’s Urban Hero Award, her greatest satisfaction is doing what she loves to move humanity forward.

Her most recent project is an international travel series with Gap Adventures Owner Bruce Poon Tip, which got mentioned in Forbes Magazine as a show to watch for.

Laurico advises young and talented individuals when building their brand to:

  1. Know what you stand for: Take the time to develop your core values.
  2. Market yourself: all the time. Create your brand and learn how to get yourself out there!
  3. Acquire the art of confidence: Have courage to do what you're good at.

"Gaining clarity and focus is important, and with that comes acceleration and action. Action equals results." - Theresa Laurico

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held a national contest with a grand prize of three voluntour trips from Gap Adventures