Intern@Kapisanan: End of the World! (Wide Web)

Would you believe it? Kapisanan was without internet connection for an ENTIRE WEEK! With so much of our work being done online & with all the social media we're plugged into - this truly did feel like the end of the world. We couldn't check emails. We couldn't tweet. We couldn't update facebook events. We couldn't upload any new videos to our youtube channel. We were left to... god forbid... clean & *gulp!* FILE. PAPERS.

Check out this video blog that one of our Event Planning Interns posted about Kapisanan life without internet.

Ok. So it wasn't that bad. But it definitely served as a great reminder for how much we RELY on the internet to get our work done. ASAP. NOW.

We can only imagine what we'd do in the event of a BROWN OUT!