From Vinta to vintage: Introducing Kapisanan's Pop-up Shop Program

The dynamic and modular Vinta Gallery @ Kapisanan

Have you heard of this thing called pop-up shop? Well, if you haven't, where have you been? What with Business Week talking about it, like back in 2007, and Oxfam doing it, and others talking 'bout it...yes, even in our own backyard. If you didn't know about it, now you do. And as we like to keep things ever-fresh at Kapisanan, we are trying our hand at it.

Introducing...(drum roll please) the Kapisanan Pop Up Shop Program in our Vinta Gallery (you know the super hot 300 sq ft store-front spot we have in Kensington Market with a huge boulevard out front?)

The Kapisanan Pop-up Shop  will act as a host for new innovative retail concepts or businesses. With this new program Kapisanan offers young entrepreneurs (18-34 years old) and artists our 300 sq ft store-front gallery for a limited sub-lease option as an opportunity to “test drive” their concepts, products, or services, or to simply exhibit their artwork or sell their wares in the uber artsy district of Kensington Market. These limited sub-leases can go for as short as a day rental,  to weekends, and up to 6 months.

The benefits of this program is that it brings something fresh, different, and exciting into Kensington Market & Kapisanan. We think this new program benefits young entrepreneurs and Kapisanan equally, and the word symbiotic keeps coming up for me  here...because we LOVE collaboration. Oh and yes part of our official mandate is "the professional development of Filipino artists and entrepreneurs" (though this program is not limited to only Filipinos, we welcome ALL young entrepreneurs!).  And let's be real, the economic situation is kinda scary these days, and this kind of innovation we need right now. This kind of inventiveness and resiliency is what Filipinos are famous for, but I have to admit, we didn't invent pop-up shops. We just think it's fresh and super smart. And yes, we think we are fresh and super smart ; )

That said I want to make another introduction --- our first Pop-up Shop: Pretty Freedom!

Pretty Freedom is:

vintage clothing. knick knacks. random treasures other people junked away.

"Everything deserves a second chance. Especially clothes." And if you are thinking the photo above of the young entrepreneurs look familiar, you are thinking right, it's Jodee, our programs and outreach manager! He's also a burgeoning fashion tycoon, along with his business partner, Helena Brown.

We are so excited to have amazing vintage shopping so close! An FYI, Pretty Freedom will be offering Kapisanan VIP Club members 15% off exclusive merchandise.

Pretty Freedom is going to be opening up in the next couple of weeks....! Definitely check in, stop by, and do your summer shopping -- because one day they will just ...pop out! Don't miss it.

If you are interested in the Pop Up Shop Program at Kapisanan, please email us for more details. or to talk to someone about your retail concept

Check Pretty Freedom on YouTube and Twitter