Jodee@Kapisanan: Best Job Ever

it's not always about where you work or what you make - it's often the people you work with that make it all worthwhile. i'm fortunate enough to be working at a job that doesn't really feel like "work". hi, i'm jodee. here's a little video journal of what a typical day @kapisanan involves & some of the beautiful people who make it happen. i did a video log because i knew i couldn't possibly begin to describe all the things that go on within these walls. (and because i LOVE the camera)

but even video doesn't do the magic of this place justice. whenever anyone asks me what we do @kapisanan, i find it difficult to explain - you kinda just have to be here to experience it for yourself. the only thing i can tell you to expect is to be inspired. NAKS!

toronto, whatcha waitin' for?