Open Call Auditions for Shotgun Wedding! A 90's Musical Mixtape


Carlos Bulosan Theatre is holding open call auditions for a fundraising performance of  "Shotgun Wedding!  A 90's Musical Mix Tape About Nine Months of the Best Years of Our Lives" by Leonard Cervantes. "Shotgun Wedding!" is part of a joint fundraising initiative between Carlos Bulosan Theatre and the Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts & Culture. Rehearsals start mid May and the performance takes place Saturday, June 26, 2010. Shotgun Wedding

Written by Leonard Cervantes

Original Music by Kierscey Rand

Directed by Catherine Hernandez

Auditions will be held on:

Thursday, May 13, 2010 10AM - 1PM  and  7PM - 9PM at the Kapisanan - 167 Augusta Avenue, Toronto

We are looking for actors with good comedic timing and the ability to sing and move well. Actors should bring a headshot and resume and will be asked to read sides from the play (which will be available at the audition). Actors should also prepare 16 bars of of an R&B song (preferably circa 1990s).

Breakdown (actors can be older than the breakdown, but must look the age of the characters)

Edsel Catalig Filipino male, 17-18 years old.  Short, husky, average-looking.  Edsel is a regular guy striving to be extra-excellent in the face of an uninspired hometown, stagnant friends and an unattainable trophy girl.  A hopeless-romantic, he often drifts into daydreams and songs that represent his ideal vision of himself.

Veronica Mendoza Filipino female, 18 years old.  A tall and statuesque beauty pageant queen.  Veronica's put-together appearance is underscored by a lack of self-confidence and assuredness.  Still, she can't wait to grow up.  Governed by duty and guilt, she secretly fears choosing her own destiny, because she's never had to.

Kate Makiling Filipino female, 17-18 years old.  Down to earth, urban, one of the boys.  She's not short, but she's definitely not tall enough to be Miss Universe.  Kate is independent and resourceful because she's had to be while being raised by a single-mother.  She works multiple jobs and pulls high grades in order to achieve her goals - her own debut cotillion and a bright future beyond.

John Paul Purification Filipino male, 17 years old.  Wannabe gangsta-thug, he's just another Filipino kid from Mississauga glorifying what he sees in movies.  John-Paul has begun to engage in small-time hustles that threaten his long-term future - all while padding his wallet in the short-run. Lucky for J.P., he's got a guardian angel in Edsel.

Jerome Clarke Black male, 19 years old.  Jerome is an athlete that has been drafted by the Carleton Ravens to play basketball.  An only-child raised by a single-mother, Jerome is driven to exceed expectations and to improve upon the failings of his own father.  Despite being a collegiate athlete, Jerome's true aspirations are a career in public policy.

Noel Reyes Filipino male, 18 years old.  The most understated member of the group, Noel represents honour and conscience among 'The Boyz'.  Governed by duty as well as logic, it's Noel who constantly reminds everyone of 'what should be done' and 'what is the right thing to do'. Noel is the most-offended when betrayed or taken advantage of.

Ferben Figueroa Filipino male, 16 years old.  Ferben is only around because he is the best singer in the group.  Tall for his age, his immaturity is most apparent when hanging out with the other boys making 'guy talk'.  Yearning for acceptance, he's willing to go to any lengths to impress the older boys.