Kevin@Kapisanan: Sweeping the Vinta Gallery.

Walis Saturday is cleaning day at Kapisanan.  Usually it's uneventful, I mean, how interesting can sweeping the floor get, right?  Well, this past Saturday was a bit different....

It's usually busy in Kensington Market on a sunny, weekend afternoon.  Lots of people come to the 'hood to eat empanadas, picnic in the park, and check out the many cool little shops that are scattered about.  The problem is, we're located on what's called "South Augusta", and it's not exactly the busiest part of the neighbourhood (except at night, of course!  We've got "The Boat", "Teranga", and "Augusta House"  with their lineups filled with anxious party people).  Foot traffic is generally light, but it's starting to pick up, especially with us, Function 13, and Project 165 showing off amazing art.

This pas Saturday was unusually busy.  Two young artists from Germany came to the gallery to see what's being produced by local artists;  a young pinay photographer came in with her child and parents to see how she can get involved; one half of local hip hop duo, Circle Research, came by to see if he can perform at one of our parties; Snakes + Ladders and Daps Duo came by to wheat and paste our window with posters for the upcoming all-ages concert (jerks!).

And then this dude: Super famous Torontonian film maker, Atom Egoyan!

Atom Egoyan

I was innocently sweeping the gallery, listening to music, when Atom and his wife pop in to see our "Pasalubong, Pabaon and Padala" exhibit.  I acted cool; I warmly greeted him and his wife and let them do their thing while I swept the entranceway and quietly freaked out.  I'm a nerd, btw.

Atom's wife small talked with me, mainly about the gallery and curatorial theme, while Atom quietly observed the pieces. They were especially interested Krystel Pasignasigna's watercolor and ink mini-canvasses.  I put on my salesperson hat and spoke about Krystel's amazingness, emphasizing that she was a young, local artist (ie REAL).  They nodded while ohhing and ahhing.  I was pretty sure they were going to buy one (or all of them!), until Atom's wife mumbled something to Atom.

He promptly put Krystel's pieces back on to the display and they both made motions to leave.  Womp womp.

After they left, I wondered what their thoughts were on the exhibit.  Could Atom's next film have his entire cast in contemporary barongs?  A thriller about a young woman smuggled into Canada in a suitcase?  An animated short on anting-antings?  How about a 3D flick on the Filipino diaspora?  If so, y'all know where he got his inspiration!