Welcome Home: A few words from the K's Executive Director

photos by: Patricio Estebar

On April 3rd, Kapisanan celebrated the launch of it's new online home and the opening of the exhibit Pasalubong, Pabaon, Padala: The Story of the Filipino Diaspora with a fun filled night of art, music, and Filipino food.  For those of you who missed the party, this is what the K's Executive Director had to say that night:

My name is Caroline Mangosing. I am the Executive Director of Kapisanan. Nice to meet you all. Thank you so much for coming out to our little party. Back in 2005, when we first launched this space, our intentions were idealistic, and we were led by blind faith. We just thought "If we build it, they will come." And here you are!

In the last five years, the amount of collaboration that has happened and continues to happen within KAPISANAN among young Filipino artists, arts professionals, mentors, youth, and the broader community of Toronto has far exceeded anything any of the founding members could ever have anticipated. All of these amazingly talented young Filipinos together have been building a crazy movement within KAPISANAN. This burgeoning movement of informed, contemporary artistic expression in all arts disciplines, like theatre, visual art, music, media, literary arts--- all of this, happening within KAPISANAN is being facilitated by and grounded in our collective experience as Filipinos in Canada. This is our legacy. And now with the launch of this website, we are taking this movement of inspiration beyond the walls of this awesome little basement (on to the information superhighway!!) We are shifting the paradigm of Filipino talent, we are taking it beyond karaoke competitions and beauty pageants..finally. We are nurturing the next female Juan Luna, and we are resurrecting Felix Hidalgo. I am so humbled and so honoured to witness it, and be part of it with you all.

Please join me in congratulating all the stars who worked so hard to make this all happen. Because it's all them!

Our exhibiting artists, Tala Berkes, Therese Cruz, Fred Galang, Kristina Guison, Marissa Largo, and the Halo Halo Collective.

Our program and outreach coordinator, website project manager, retail gallery manager, event coordinator, and social media genius, among so many other things, he is also one of the director/producer/editors of many of the videos you can watch on our online channel – Jodinand Aguillon

Our administrator, website developer, IT manager, event coordinator, all around problem solving technical genius, resident musician, among many other things – Kevin Centeno

The website art director and designer, and who is solely responsible for making KAPISANAN branding and Filipino community work in general looking glamorous and sexy since 2005 -- the incomprable-- Miss Christine Mangosing of CMANGO Design.

The website media content producer, former board director, amazing mentor and leader and all around super positive dude, Vince Galvez who's with us via skype from Manila.

Our super talented Media Production Interns: Fred Esporlas, Daks Thomas, Manny Veneracion, Thomas Lorayes

Our tireless media production team memebers: Paul Maurillo, Jihan Victoria, Hazel Laquindanum, and Keilani Etzkorn.

Superstar Marketing and Communications Intern: Camille Nivera

The amazing Outreach Committee: Jermaine Reyes, Carla Day-Reiner, Krystel Pasigna-signa, and Ed Dagsaan.

Superstar Administrative Intern: Eric Wilson

And of course, the rockstars of the Event Planning Committee: Rowen Jose, Marianne Rellin, Charisse Marquez, Dame Dulay, Ian Mationg

And all of our other dedicated volunteers without whom KAPISANAN would be nothing.

And for our crazy amazing music line up of performers: Maylee Todd, Tonka Puma, Jeremy Glenn and Rod Skimmins will be giving you lots of music tonight.

Thank you to Chef Paul Lampa for the culinary treats.

And of course a HUGE thank you to the Department of Canadian Heritage who gave us the funding to make this huge project happen!