Your Donation Update!

IMG_2638 DONATIONS BREAK DOWN as of October 21, 2009

Donations Cash Donations $990.52 Cheque Donations $670 Bar Totals from Fundraising Event (PSL, Oct 3, 2009) $162.08 PayPal Donations $785 _____________________ TOTAL Donations Income $4441.39

Expenses Paid Out of Donations Shipping of 21 Boxes thru FOREX $630.00 Boxes Purchase $105.00 Packing Tape $40.62 Uhaul Truck Rental for Box Transport to FOREX $109.60 Gas $17.00 PayPal Fees $26.67 Box Taxes charged by Philippine Government $420.00 ____________________ TOTAL Expenses 1348.89

30% of the gross total donations were used for overhead expenses.

NET Total $3,093.00 (rounded up from $3,092.50) received by Global Medic October 22, 2009

“Global Medic sincerely thanks Kapisanan Centre for their collected donations, this will allow us to provide clean drinking water to the people of the Philippines,” says Wes Normington of GlobalMedic Manager, Emergency Programs.

GlobalMedic has set up a large scale water purification plant in the Municipality of Cainta in Rizal Province and are working alongside a Regoron Emergency Response Team providing clean drinking water to 14 evacuation centres. GlobalMedic has the capacity to provide 77,000 people with clean drinking water everyday and has shipped 1.4 million water purification tablets, 92,500 sachets of PUR water purifier, and 55,400 sachets of oral rehydration salts to the region. The team is expanding its efforts by installing portable water purification units in shelters that are isolated.

21 Boxes are currently in transit. They were shipped October 8, 2009. We will keep you posted the status of the boxes on the blog, so keep checking back!