Critical Filipino History (Thursdays @ 7pm)

[youtube=] [above video created by Ji-an Manalo, with images of the American occupation and modern day photos by alex felipe]

Not quite a History class & not quite an Art class - but the BEST of both worlds. It's Critical Filipino History taught through Arts-based methods.

with Guro Alex Felipe:

This is not your boring old history class where you memorize dates & names. It's not a whitewashed version where Europeans came and brought 'civilization' to the 'savages'. It's not about how the Americans saved us from the Spanish and the Japanese. It is NOT a version of history to be embarrassed of. It's our actual history that we can be PROUD of.

This fresh set of weekly workshops will be interactive, using Art as a medium for instruction (this doesn't mean you have to be an 'artist' to participate, however!). Each class will be a little different so be prepared to learn history through visual art, theatre, dance & songs!

*Pay What You Can*

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