Throw Your Hands Up At Me...

by Jodinand Aguillon With the seasons changing & cooler weather upon us, there's certainly no cooling down The K.  If anything, things are heating up & mostly due to the ladies of CLUTCH!

"CLUTCH is a 6-month arts-based program just for young women focusing on the disciplines of photography, film/video, creative writing, music, music production, theatre and visual art!"


As a guy, I can't help but feel a little jealous. I mean, just about every day in some corner of The K... these girls are in their intense huddles working away. On what? They won't say. Okay. Woah. PSL overload... anyway. I just stand back & secretly try to eavesdrop in on some of their sessions but I can never get quite close enough.

The ladies of CLUTCH with Maylee Todd. Likely planning world domination.

Good thing they've launched a BLOG! "Ladies Making Art through Philippine Culture" It's super fresh & with the amount of talent within this dedicated batch of young women - I'm already stoked to see what they come up with! Although, I'm clearly not part of the club... I can still lurk with admiration, can't I? Check them out & follow along!

So what if I'm not exactly an "Independent Woman"... the ladies of CLUTCH sure make me wanna be one. Yeah. I said it.