*UPDATED! More Guests!* PSL: Poetry IS Our Second Language -- 4th and Final Week! Week 3 Recap!

PSL_week_4 **Update!! More Guests!**

Good news, I've added some more guests to round out our unit on "The Poetry of Struggle". In addition to Migrante Ontario Youth, I've invited two poets who will read their work and talk about their experiences past and present as Poets of Resistance.

Roger Langen has participated in Poetry Readings across the city, most recently as part of the First International Festival of Poetry & Resistance: in Honour of Cuban 5. He's on the board of Human Rights Committee with the Ontario Separate School Teachers Federation and is currently championing the cause of Lilyan Obando, a documentary filmmaker imprisoned by the Colombian National Police.

Playwright and Poet Voltaire DeLeon is one of our community's Titos. Starting his education at Silliman University, political activism led him to Ateneo, where he finished his BA in Behavioral Sciences in 1971. Within months of the declaration of Martial Law, he joined his family in Canada where he continued with his political activism as member of the Coalition Against the Marcos Dictatorship (CAMDI) and by helping to pioneer the Carlos Bulosan Theatre Workshop (now CBT). His own theatre company Diwata Works produced the play 'Fort Santiago' in 2002. Voltaire continues to write articles, fiction, poetry and plays on Sundays.

Let's welcome these guests and their poetry with open ears and open minds!


Its the FOURTH and FINAL week of Kapisanan's Poetry Unit!

On Thursday, August 27 our special guest will be Migrante Youth! You might be wondering what's that's got to do with POETRY -- but I think you'll see the answer is A LOT.

MIGRANTE Ontario Youth is an organizing group which aims to bring together Filipino youth for the purpose of building awareness about the history and continuing struggles of the Filipino people towards engaging in collective action for social change. (more about Migrante Youth HERE.)

Week 4 of PSL "The Poetry of Struggle" Migrante Youth + TBA @Kapisanan 167 Augusta 6pm SHARP *plan Poetry Night at KPC!

We're ending the unit off with a focus on "The Poetry of Struggle". What Poets made their marks at pivotal times in Philippine History? What pieces of writing did their part to change the course of history? What role can Poetry and Spoken Word play in educating and uplifting? Building a Community? Speaking of community - what of our own Filipino POETRY community? The one that resides in Kapisanan - the HOME of Poetry in our community.


After three sessions of PSL, its clear to see that the roster extends way beyond Dean Vargas, Myk Miranda or yours truly. We've had more than 10 talented NEW Poets with different styles, methods, forms and subject matter read their material...

... so its only fitting that we end off PSL by planning Kapisanan's very FIRST official Poetry Show.

It's an exciting time. Let's take the next step.

Homework given out during Week 3:

1. Look at your calendars and come with suggestions for dates to hold a Poetry Night at Kapisanan. While you're at it, come up with a concept, a name and other ideas to make this event unique.

2. Write a piece that you will PERFORM at the Kapisanan Poetry Event. Bonus Points if you can incorporate ANYTHING we covered over the last 3 weeks (traditional form? your take on a poet we've covered? performance tips?).

If you missed last session, our special guest was Dwayne Morgan, who is the pre-eminent figure in Toronto's Spoken Word scene and responsible for bringing Poetry Slam events to Toronto.


Dwayne performed a few of his own pieces and discussed them with us, answered questions about his process, his experiences both as a writer/performer, but also as a working artist and a community figure. PSLers ended off the session by performing/reading some of their work and getting feedback and tips from Dwayne and the rest of the group.

Next time you're at Kapisanan, you'll see that Dwayne's book "The Man Behind the Mic" as well as 2 of his CDs are now available for you in the Resource Library.


Dwayne Morgan also left us with information on the upcoming Toronto International Poetry Slam on Sunday September 6 at Kathedral, where our very own Myk Miranda will be competing for the very first time!


Thanks to Dwayne for coming out to Kapisanan, let's take this as a first step towards some cross-community building. (For more info on Dwayne Morgan, check out his site HERE and join his Facebook Group HERE.)

For the rest of you, see you on August 27 for Migrante Youth (plus perhaps some extra guests TBA). We're planning the first KPC Poetry Night, so you don't want to miss the opportunity to be part of something big.

For those of you who were at Week 3? What did ya think?

**PSL is facilitated by proud founding board member, Leonard Cervantes.