A Spirit Rising Steadily to the Shore: RIP Corazon Aquino, 1933-2009

We just got word via Twitter that former Philippine President Corazon Aquino has passed away at the age of 76.


photo credit: Reese Baguio


PEOPLE POWER poem by Leonard Cervantes

I am a spirit sweeping steadily to the shore like sea foam on the Sulu breaking at wave’s peak then crashing down your palace of sand

I am a hand thumb outstretched and pointing high to the heavens to topple the monopoly then a middle finger to Uncle Sam because I taught the world democracy

I am a rhythm I want to tango with tanks singing songs of struggle at the top of my lungs while I rhumba to resolution

I am a revolution of rosaries and radios and prayers on pavement and show tunes on stages This is Channel 4 serving the people again

I am a pen mightier than any sword scribbling slogans on boards counter propaganda on pamphlets and impressions on young minds through newsletter words

I am a miracle multiply tinapai and isda for converted souls of soldiers on EDSA After twenty years of repression and oppressi- on the 3rd day I rose again

I am peace My people power is a flower in the face of a cannon or the tip of a bayonet or the barrel of a gun this immovable target and the gunman are one

I am a spirit rising from the ashes I am a hand outstretched to my neighbour I am a rhythm pulse pounding on to victory I am a pen pushing progress with words I am a miracle make the impossible possible I am peace I am long overdue

I am a spirit I am a hand I am a rhythm I am a pen I am a miracle I am peace

I am people

I am power.


Remembering the Martial Law era and the EDSA Revolution in the Philippines is a big part of Kapisanan's heritage as an organization (mostly thanks to our community partner, Carlos Bulosan Theatre) so its only fitting that we post our own tribute here on the blog.

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