KULTURA '09: A Halo-Halo Remix-Mix

by Jodinand I can only begin to describe it as the perfect mix of everything...  served up in one sweet bite.

How is it possible to sum up the pure awesomeness of KULTURA in only 2:42 minutes? It's not. You simply had to be there! Check out this video-mix of some of the bits & clips I snapped during this year's event.

Huge thanks to all the organizers, volunteers & to all of you who came out to experience KULTURA. If you missed out, the Visual Arts Exhibit is still up for your viewing pleasure.  Swing by & feast your eyes!


Although the Balikbayan Rennaissance sure made me miss home; it also made me realise that 'home' was right here within the KPC. Like TeamManila... you don't have to leave Toronto to 'get' it.

Gets mo?