Charice Pempengco & Billy Crawford for TFC

by Leonard Here's a new station ID for TFC that popped up on Youtube.  If you've ever been jet-lagged in the Philippines, you probably caught the one with all the ABS-CBN stars that comes on at 5am in the morning.  The one that starts with Dolphy and Sharon Cuneta singing Bayang Magiliw on a cliff facing the sunrise.  This new one features Charice Pempengco & Billy Crawford and is just as tear-inducing (for me, anyway). 


And I thought I was going to save all my man-cry tears for this weekend when Manny whups Hatton's limey arse.

(Interesting note:  Filipino Media knows its business well:  cater to the worldwide Filipino workforce.  They say the media is a reflection of society, right?)