The LIVE IN CAREGIVER program has got to change!

by Allan   courtesy of the DALE BRAZAO of the TORONTO STAR (inset: A distressed Filipina worker, outset: Spivak)

I'm taking a stand & a forceful one at that!

I'm not sitting here lightly & unamused as I read an article from the Toronto Star (Saturday Star March 14th, 2009) of  live in caregiver horror stories, majority of so-called "entrepreneurs" who deliberately take advantage of Filipino people who seek to come to Canada & "seek better lives".

Aside from horror stories like I read in the Toronto Star. there needs to be substantial and legitimate change to this God awful Live In Caregiver program.  For Christs sakes, how many more Filipina nannies will be taken advantage of? How many more lives will be ruined because of peoples greed?

Create and or join a Facebook group, write to your Member of Parliament, join one of the many Filipino social justice groups that exist in Toronto!  Don't be typically Filipino in your approach & be passive in this issue because too many Filipina nannies are subjected to treatment at the hands of the people you would think would take care of them. 

The Live In Caregiver program has to change and it has to change now!

To all the distressed, overworked, underpaid, underappreciated, & abused Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), may you find justice in your journeys to help improve the lives of your loved ones.  I truly believe that faith will turn around and justice will be served to those who abuse you.