The Spanish Colonial Period (Class 3 of KPC's Critical History)

The lands claimed by Magellan and Legazpi were named for the Spanish crown prince. Spain was to be the main imperial power in those lands for over three hundred years.

What were the shared and competing interests of the Spanish Crown and Church?

How much of the country was actually conquered? Who/What groups were most able to resist?

What level of resistance did the 'indios' wage during this period before the 1896 revolution?

Why do I call the local people 'indios?'

Who were the original 'filipinos?'

How did so many 'indios' get Spanish names? And how were some able to retain their original names?

How did the arrival of Chinese migrants affect the local socio-economic order (not to mention food)?

Who are the mestizos? [and why would you be wrong if you guess the mixture of Spanish and native?]

* * *

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