KPC Blogging 101 (Well, blogging at all 101)

by Leonard Hello KPC World,

Tito Len here with a special Public Service Announcement. Looks like action on the KPC Blog is finally heating up and a lot of you are coming on board to contribute, which is awesome -- that's why we built it. Before this blog blows the eff up, I thought I'd pass on some useful stuff that might help you create the perfect blog.

blogging in Manila, circa 2007

Well-written blog entries can easily turn into articles that are linked to, re-posted, re-tweeted and in some cases, picked up and syndicated by other websites or newspapers.

Give your work the chance to be read by the multitudes. Write it well the first time.

No one likes messy blog entries! Honestly. And PLEEASE don't give me 'stream of conciousness' as an excuse for bad writing. There's so much well-written content on the web, so if I see something that: looks nasty, is one big block paragraph, no capitalizations, bad syntax and run-on sentences -- I'm probably not going to read it. (I'm looking at YOU, TITO ROMEO! GRRRR.)

Here's some more tips:

1. Make sure your content (and your links) aren't objectionable. eg. no nudity, keep profanity to a minimum, suitable for youth consumption. I mean come on - there's kiddies at KPC! I know we have lots to say but let's not alienate readers. This blog could be their first entry point into Kapisanan.  Don't give them a reason to turn around.   Instead,  spark discussion!

2. Always tag your posts. You played 'tag' at school. Same thing. Only this time, when you 'tag' something, it makes it easier for people to find it when they are searching the blog, google-searching for specific subjects or whatever.

3. Always categorize your posts (Email the Admins to add new ones if necessary). Again, your mother always told you to put things in the their proper place. Same thing! Don't be a slob. Categorizing and tagging your posts means that you're leaving a crumb trail for people to find your article later on. If not, it just floats away into cyberspace.

4. For articles longer than two paragraphs, please use the "More" tag. Definitely write a lot. Write to your hearts content. But really, I ain't reading something that takes up my whole screen. If I wanted to do that, I'd go to the library and take out 'War and Peace'.  Or 'Noli Me Tangere' for that matter.

5. Always create hyperlinks that "open in a separate window". Linking off to something on a totally different page is like telling someone to 'look at that bird outside' and then kicking them out of the house and locking the door when they go outside to look at it.

6. Articles must be related to the Philippines or the Filipino or Filipino Canadian experience on some level. Coz really, that's what we do.

7. Try and embed a strong image/photo/video in the top (and center it) to draw the audience into your post. Again, huge blocks of text and no pictures -- BAD.

8. Always credit the image to the photographer/videographer and link it to their website. Because Alex Felipe WILL take you down!

9. At the top of your post always write "by [insert your first name here]". So we can pat you on the back for a well-written blog article. Or put you on blast for a badly-written one!

Bottom line, kidds... (and adults!) you want people to read your stuff and respect it, then treat your reader with respect and don't make your blog a hard one to read.  I'll be the first to admit that I break the above rules as much as I adhere to them, but still -- we have to keep finessing our game -- so yeah, I'm sayin' it.

Cool? If you really want to geek out at some 'How To Blog' stuff, look at the links below. Once you start getting into clocking blog traffic, hits, page views and such, you really CAN geek it out if you want to.


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