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it's an interesting time. black president. melting ice caps. recession. the world shifts under our feet and over our heads so we must respond accordingly. and as a community, it is as clear as day that we are making moves FORWARD, and it's more powerful (and a better look) that we move TOGETHER. As one of the KUYAS (noone is allowed to address me as such) of the filipino arts community dito sa canada, i have been a participant of our movement (the filipino arts one) and an observer of its seasons and cycles. we have risen, we have fallen, we have been fired up, we have been bored, we have been r&b, house, emo, hip hop and hipster, we wore rayon, black leather, cowboy boots, air force 1s, shopped at le chateau, club monaco, zara. we have communicated via beepers, irc, asian avenue, friendster, and now we twitter. we have seen members of our community move through us, move past us, move on, and some of us are actually still here. now we are at a stage when the youth from back in the (and the rest of know who you are) are now mentoring the youth of right now. we continue to upgrade our OS (operating system) and we are evolving into a leaner, meaner, more philippiner machine that is just puking art work like we ate too much bagoong. check check. pucheks.... which brings me to todays blog / lesson. PLAY YOUR ROLE. there is the saying that we stand on the shoulder of giants...for filipinos this is very true...especially cuz many of us are as tall as duendes (creatures of filipino lore, kinda like leprechauns). we are the continuation of something that started before us and that will continue after us. the whole 'know where you come from so you know where you are going' rings as true for todays youth as it did when i was young (which was last week). what i would like to stress, is that there are mentors out there, right now, at the service of those with less experience. and, while, with humility, many of us accept that role, we ask that those seeking guidance to respect, to listen to, and to honor the advice that is being passed on. in our day, my generation was all we had. our peers were our mentors, and many times it was blind leading blind. we didn't even have e-mail for goodness sakes. but now, we have the experience, the resume, and the demos that prove where we have been, what we have accomplished, how we have served, and the fruits of our labour is the foundation which we continue to build on today. as a youth, if you are being given an opportunity by a mentor, PLAY YOUR ROLE. there is a time to lead, there is a time to support, there is a time to learn, there is a time to teach. a part of your journey into your awareness of self, is to RECOGNIZE WHERE YOU ARE AT IN RELATION TO THOSE AROUND YOU. if you have to play defense...d up. if it's your time to be on the ready. if you gotta be the game winning superstar, be in the moment. if the coach is telling you the play...listen up. the coach is the coach for a reason. when we win, we win together. if we lose, we lose together. but as we train and as we gear up for the big games, know your role and play it. this doesn't mean that i am saying that you are not allowed to have your own mind, that you're not allowed to improve on systems and practices that have come before, that you're not allowed to forge your own path. i'm just saying that its essential that we respect some of our heirarchys to understand if we are moving in the right direction. how is a teacher supposed to know if what he/she is teaching is right if the student doesn't follow. how is a student to know if he or she is learning, if he/she doesn't follow the curriculum? we gotta standardize our practices in order to improve on them. if you need to 'do your own thing', then do your own thing. be the lone wolf, learn your lessons, and hopefully, you'll bring it back to the pack. but as we move as a group, let's try to stay organized. i am proud to be part of this community. i honor my role in this community and, as the fires of my youth (and ego) taper off, humility (believe it or not) remains. lead when you gotta lead, support when you gotta support, but remember that our common goal is to serve our community and in return our community will serve us. play your role...don't be an a-hole. the end.