KUMAIN KA NA? Filipino Language Classes Kapisanan

KAPISANAN Filipino Language Classes It's time you understood what your fam's been saying about you!

Filipino Language Classes every Tuesday @ 6:30-8:30pm


$200 for non-members $100 for members**

We have 1-2 FREE spots for youth (14-24yrs old with ID) with submission of a 500 word essay to the program committee as to why you want to be in the class.  Financial subsidy can be awarded on a needs basis. Get at us. 

KAPISANAN is offering Filipino classes that use the direct method of learning a language. The students focus on CONVERSATIONAL skills in Filipino.

Classroom techniques include role-plays, games, songs, pair work, and writing exercises.

At the end of the course, students should be able to use Filipino in greetings and situations such as shopping, telling time, making an appointment, and asking and giving directions. Students should also be able to use Filipino indescribing people, objects, places, narrating an event or simple story; expressing feelings, and expressing agreement or disagreement.

Curriculum is developed and will be taught by KAPISANAN member, Christine Balmes.

EMAIL April@kapisanancentre.com to register.

**Interested in becoming a member? Contact info@kapisanancentre.com for more details!