Canada in the Philippines in 'This Magazine' (Nov/Dec '08)

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Check out the Nov/Dec 2008 issue of This Magazine for my photos and article about two Canadian mining sites in the Philippines.   The vid above was produced by This using a few of my images and narration.The two sites featured are Marinduque island and Mt. Canatuan (in Mindanao).  The former is a site that operated for almost a half century (closed in the 90s) by PlacerDome (now Barrick Gold), it is an example of long term effects of large scale open pit mining.  The latter, operated by Toronto Ventures Incorporated, just opened early this decade and is an example of how quickly the negative effects manifest in terms of human rights violations and environmental destruction.

Canada is one of the worlds top three mining nations, and the Philippines has the second largest gold deposit (relative to land mass) in the world.  Currently Canada has no laws regarding the conduct of it's companies overseas--despite the fact that Canadian taxpayer dollars are provided as support for these businesses.

Some of the images not used in the publication are posted below...

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More images from Canatuan, Mindanao.

One of the children living in the small community surrounded by the mine in Canatuan.

The mine inching closer and closer to the small village in Canatuan.

The children of former small scale miners, now forced into farming after the large scale mine destroyed their tunnels.

With the school destroyed, if a child wishes to go to school s/he must cross the open pit and go to the school set up for the miners children.