Going Back to the Philippines

Have you gone "home" lately?  I mean, to the Philippines?  When was the last time?  Have you never been to the Motherland?  A couple of folks at KPC have been fortunate enough to visit in the last year. Going to the Philippines ALWAYS turns out to be an eye-opening experience in one way or another.

KPC'er Allan Serrano is in the Philz RIGHT NOW and he's blogging from there, noticing random things like malls, airport hookups and tricycle etiquette, to even more profound POVs on how life could have been.  

Make sure to check in on his observations that are just like a glass of calamansi juice -- fresh and you can't get that here.  

It's true, you're never the same again:

Myk Miranda told Europe to fuck off and got to visit his father's land in the Motherland -- Binan, Laguna (Laguna, STAND UP!)

JR Punzalan actually went with Myk, as did Alex Felipe and they turned on the video camera to document some of the experiences.

I was there in May to say goodbye to my Lola and got to see much more than the usual touristy stuff -- I got to catch a glimpse into the Filipino soul.

When is your next trip?  What do you remember about your last one?  Why do you love going there? Or why do you dislike it?