I Feel the Need...

What up,

I feel the need...

I feel the need to write, make music, post and see who else can relate to this.  I feel the need for others to understand the circumstances of my roots, my homeland and the conflicts that lie deep in the jungles of my individuality and those that affect me.  Check out this vid...

This vid is in support for the crazy war that's going on in Mindanao right now there have been airstrikes killing woman and children.

Conflicts continue to rise. The culture and lives in these regions are continually endangered.  Please support this organization that I've been working with trying to help children and woman, link below:

Org link:  http://www.childrightssea.org/programs.html

For donations contact:  www.patac.org / / email: mail@patac.org

My boy Alex Felipe will be putting together a photo exhibition fundraiser this Sept 22nd to raise funds to help the children and woman at risk in Mindanao.