Charice, Celine... and Oprah?!?!

[youtube=] Hot on the heels of news that Oprah Winfrey is going to manage pint-size Filipino vocal-dynamo Charice Pempengco, clips of Pempengco's appearance at Celine Dion's recent Madison Square Garden concert are surfacing on YouTube.

Man, Charice and Celine Dion!?!? That just sounds like a June 12 wet dream with a banana-Q. I mean, getting to sing a duet with "Tita Nic" herself? I wonder if they actually sang "My Heart Will Go On" (The PND Theme Song).

Anyways, enjoy the clip above... but in my opinion, they should have sang "INDAY" (Will Always Love You), which is a Whitney song, but still.

In any case, ma-arte Filipino songers the world over are "GRIN WITH ENBY!"