Philippines Olympic Wrap-Up - 1 GOLD MEDAL! YESSS

... ok not really.  


At least this time it was actually AT the Beijing Olympics, but it was a Gold Medal in Wushu -- a demonstation sport and so not counting towards the actual medal standings.  

Nonetheless, Filipino dude and Jackie Chan lookalike Willy Wang still won the Gold and so at least 'Lupang Hinirang' was sang at least once during the  Olympic Games, hopefully not making too obvious the fact that part of our National Anthem is a straight bite of France's 'La Marseillaise' National Anthem.

So here's the Philippines' final Olympic Medal tally:

1 "doesn't count" Gold in Wushu

1 Gold Ribbon for Best Cake served at the Olympics

1 Silver Medal at the Guitar Hero Olympics in Beijing

1/4 Gold, 1/2 Silver, 1/3 Bronze Medals by 1/4 Filipino but still US Swimmer Natalie Coughlin (who won 1 Gold, 2 Silver and 3 Bronze)


I wonder if Willy Wang gets the Wowowee money that GMA offered up for the 1st Philippines Gold Medal.  Does it count if its only a 'demo' sport?  Because if it does, then Filipino athletes may have just found a new cottage industry/niche market -- train for the easy-to-win and less competitive sports, win a Gold and so what if it doesn't count... CASH CASH MONEY, probably more than that measly medal could fetch you at a Lhuillier Pawn Shop.

Anyways, that brings to an end this blog's coverage of the Philippines in the Beijing Olympics, coverage which has sparked the ire of at least one fed-up reader.