by Reese You really shouldn't miss this! Great location, cool artists, all FREE! You can't go wrong with that combo. This is what summer was made for.

Our 3rd Annual Summer Arts Festival!

THE KULTURA SCHEDULE IS OUT! Read BELOW for all the details!

KPC’s 3rd Annual Kultura Filipino Arts Festival is just around the corner, set to dazzle all its attendees with live music, visual arts exhibits, spoken word poetry and other cultural programming on Saturday, August 23rd in the historic Kensington Market District in the heart of downtown Toronto. The Kultura Filipino Arts Festival is an all day event that celebrates Filipino artists and art.


KULTURA Filipino Arts Festival 2008 Programme

Stage Performances [from 1-6 pm] @ Bellevue Square Park

1:10 pm YFC Dance Crew
1:25 pm Maylee Todd
2:00 pm PATAC
3:25 pm Soul Disciples
4:05 pm Hooded Fang
5:30 pm Spoken Word Line-Up: Alex JR & Sr, Myk Miranda, Christine Mangosing

Installations / Performances [from 1-6pm] @ Bellevue Square Park

2:45 pm Labandera Live Poetry and Performance Art By KPCs CLUTCH PROGRAM artists: Bea Palanca, Krystel Pasignasigna, Jempee Culannay, Alyssa Ramos, Maricar Raneda A telling tale of the labandera (laundry women) in the Philippines. A look into the perspectives of the women on whom we only call when we run out of clean clothes to wear. Our dirty laundry is their livelihood; the labandera knows us in a way nobody else would.

3:00 pm Fighting Filipinos Live Graffiti
By Justin Eduave A collage of images of Filipino culture

3:00 pm Barbero On Site Hair Designs By Jay Culala Get your hair did for $20 all proceeds go to KPC!

2:00 - 4:00 pm Maya Fortunes By Christine de Leon & Jennifer Maramba A durational cyber- participatory performance where Maya will be telling a few home truths to her Toronto audience via an online video conference (from the UK). The installation plays on the idea of the urban healer and is a send-up of fortune telling in general. It also uses imagery that is found in Filipino folk healing traditions.

KPC Gallery @ 167 Augusta Ave.

[Visual Art Exhibit All Day]
+ and - Traits of Filipinos
By Alex Felipe
An interactive photo installation that calls on the participation of Filipinos to write a word about being Filipino and be photographed.
Booyaka Boracay
By Jun Amihan
Photo installation of Boracay
By Christine Mangosing
Digital Print on canvas about identity, growth and culture.
Paalaala / Remembrance
By Jo Si Malaya Alcampo
Video Installation. A personal narrative about collective memory and healing ancestral grief.
Process Journals By Jeff Garcia
My process journals are a documentation of my environment. They contain found material, research, experimentation for larger works, gossip, momentum, stories, jokes, lies, secrets, confessions, comics, embarrassment, mango nectar


Into the Night Sky By Romeo Candido & Vincent Galvez A multi sensory installation; we look into the night sky, and see residuals of past, present and future.

Mother Tongue By Ilona Fiddy Photographs of Ilona Fiddys first trip to her motherland, the Philippines.

KPC Performance Space @ 167 Augusta Ave.

[Play Readings from 6:30-7:15pm]
6:30 Kilt Pins By Catherine Hernandez
6:45 Brown Balls By Byron Abalos
7:00 Katipuanan By Dean Vargas
7:15 Future Folk By Catherine Hernandez
[Short Film Screenings from 7:30-8:15pm]
Bound: An Interactive Film By Ilona Fiddy Late Fragment: An Interactive Film By Ana Serrano
Murder in Poetry By J. Manalo Two Sides By Samantha Miranda
Clutch By KPCs Clutch Program participants: Tiffany Naval, Ilona Fiddy, Karyl Agana, Kristen Sison, Michelle Turingan
This Is KPC By KPCs Media Production Mentorship Project participants: Alex Felipe, Myk Miranda, Michelle Turingan, Isa Palanca The Gang, Glover Goat Funk By Jeff Garcia


Kultura is presented by the Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts & Culture (KPC) in partnership with Carlos Bulosan Theatre. For more information, please contact: info@kapisanancentre.com